wirral drainage

Drainage Advice - Tips

Blocked drains cause nasty odours and can be an environmental and health hazard.

Wirral Drainage offer the following advice and tips to minimize the likelihood of blocked or clogged up drains:

General Housekeeping Tips:

  • We recommend you don't put any fat down your drains, but if there is no alternative; mix fat with hot water & detergent
  • Removal of hairs in sink, bath and shower plug holes and traps
  • Regularly flush sanitary pipework with disinfectant
  • Never flush disposable items such as baby wipes, nappies, tissues and sanitary towels down the toilet
  • Keep foreign objects away from where they could drop into toilets.

Outside and System Maintenance:

  • Ensure drain grid covers in place and undamaged and keep clear of leaves and muck build up.
  • Clean gutters and downpipes every six months.
  • If there's no alternative, mix fat with very hot water and plenty of detergent.
  • Never put engine oil down the drain. There is a recycling tank at your local waste disposal site.

Regular Planned Maintenance:

  • preventative maintenance including
  • cleaning out gully traps
  • carrying out an inspection survey
  • drain cleaning using high pressure jetting
  • regular maintenance and system updating particularly in terms of access

If you are still having trouble call Wirral Drainage for a swift response.